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Empowering little kids to do BIG things!
Mission: To create leaders by building youth & turning their passion into action

The Love Is A Verb Foundation consists of the following organizations

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Love is a Verb Foundation works in two ways and kids are encouraged and able to participate in all aspects of the organization:


  • Kids are trained to volunteer and work for other established, partnering organizations under the direct supervision of a Love is a Verb Foundation leader or program director. Volunteers are trained specifically for the event they will be working at and are placed based on what they are passionate about and enjoy doing, what their strengths are, their abilities and what they are able to do successfully, and how long their attention span is. Rylee is also very good at creating “loopholes” with organizations to provide opportunities for her youth volunteers. 

  • Kids run all aspects of the 12 programs under Love is a Verb Foundation. The programs were created to give youth a chance to learn how to run an organization so they can eventually start their own. These programs also ensure that the kids will always be able to work in their communities and they don’t necessarily need to rely on partnering organizations to provide opportunities for them because they are able to create their own.     

What is Love is a Verb?


What is Love is a Verb?

The Plastics Project

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Ocean Conservation & Plastic Reduction, Kid Organized and Run Workshops and Cleanups, Microplastic Education, and The Real Mermaids Photo Campaign

Partners: Chelsea Masaki of Malama the Sea


The biggest accomplishment for The Plastics Project, our program to reduce to overuse of single use plastics, was our first annual kid-involved beach cleanup that consisted of 10 kid volunteers and we removed 771lbs of trash and marine debris from Malaekahana. 


The Plastics Project is also working on getting a bill that was drafted by Rylee and her youth program leader, Leah Dakroub, called the “Promise to our Keiki” bill.  


Hashtag Speak-up Movement

Rise Up Radio


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Animal Advocacy, Rescue, Education, and a Photo Campaign for Animals Similar to NOH8  

Partners: Kaitlin Mitashiro of Fur Angel Foundation Education Initiative, Chelsea Masaki of Malama the Sea, and K9 Kokua


The Hashtag Speak Up Movement helped fight for Bill 22 and assisted in getting this low cost spay and neuter bill passed. They were also responsible for coordinating and organizing the removal of over 200 animals from the Nimitz homeless camp sweep. Rylee was personally at the camp for a week with teams of animal rescuers while the rest of her team manned their Facebook page that had over 30,000 hits after they reached out for help. The four animal rescues that they worked with in placing the cats, dogs, and guinea pigs from the camp into permanent homes were Poi Dogs and Popoki, K9 Kokua, Fur angel Foundation, and Paws of Hawaii.


Brave Bear's Travels

Anti-bullying Advocacy and Support System as well as a Referral System to Anti-bullying Organizations for Kids 

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Team Hawaii Takeover

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Elite Performance Outreach Team

Partners: Asher Morgado of The Makena Foundation


Kids participating in THT helped with performances during outreach at shelters, Tripler Fisher House, the Ronald McDonald House of Hawaii, and in the community. They have recently partnered with Catholic Charities to start a program in a shelter to build youth. 


Love is a Verb is also currently working on piloting another program in Hawaii Schools. Team Hawaii Takeover has teamed up with Diverse Arts and they are currently planning a school tour in elementary schools that promotes antibullying, how your purpose is tied to your passion, and about staying true to yourself. 


Heart for Hawaii

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Outreach to Provide Food and Other Necessities to People in Need


Rylee launched Heart for Hawaii during Thanksgiving of 2017 and helped prepare food plates for over 300 of Hawaii’s homeless people. Her team passed them out at different homeless camps and parks. They also provided a potluck style Thanksgiving dinner for the families of Kapiolani Hospital’s NICU and PICU. She also ran several donation drives and provided direct outreach by handing out packs of necessities as well as children’s items at different homeless camps, especially after their personal belongings were confiscated by the state.


Alohi strong

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Outreach that Provides Help to Children with Illnesses or Facilities that Assist Children with Illnesses


Book Bus Hawaii

Outreach Through Books and Reading to Provide Mentorship, Encouragement, Support, Education, Positive Influence, and Friendship to Children of All Walks of Life  

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Mission X Evolve

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Support System for Kids in the LGBTQ Community and Advocacy for Equality and Acceptance Amongst Youth


Mogul in the making

Program for LIAV Leaders to Create Their Own Initiatives, Projects, Businesses, Organizations, or Movements 


Rylee recently helped one of her teen leaders, Alyssa Kapeliela, structure, build and establish her own organization called T.I.M.E. 2 C.H.A.N.G.E. Hawaii and is currently helping build a program with teen leader, Kianna Cooks. These programs are the first of many that Love is a Verb hopes to build under their umbrella and each program is its own entity run by their founding leader. Rylee provides resources, networking, creative ideas, and any assistance needed in getting these programs established and encourages her leaders to eventually break off into their own 501c3’s when they are ready.

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Media makers


Program for Youth to Run Love is a Verb Foundation’s Social & Creative Media, Public Relations, Photography, and Film Production

Goals in reach

Outreach and Building Kids Through Sports, Movement, and Physical Activities, Providing Mentorship, Workshops, and Athletic Opportunities to and for Underprivileged Kids, and Teaching Kids in Need Sports to Open Up Options and Possibilities and as an Outlet for their Lives

Partners: Maxamus Miller