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Hi! My name is Rylee Brooke Kamahele, I am 14 years old.

My passion is to turn youth into leaders and to create change in the world by inspiring other kids. I work towards building this platform through two of my soon-to-be non-profit organizations. By both teaming up with other non-profit organizations and providing opportunities under the programs that we run for kids, we give youth the chance to take what they love and turn what they are passionate about into action through training, education, community service, internships, mentorship, experience in running the programs in which they are involved, and eventually our leadership program where they can start their own initiatives, projects, businesses, or organizations.

Community service is one of the biggest and most important things in my life. My heart is truly in the work that I do.

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Rylee is an activist and spends a lot of time lobbying for bills that are important for her generation and the work that she does. She fights for much needed change, especially for animals and ocean conservation, and she loves that she gets to be a voice in a place where not many children know they can be heard.

"Promise to Our Keiki" Pledge


The Promise to our Keiki Bill was created and written by Leah Dakroub and Rylee Brooke. They are currently working on making amendments to this bill to resubmit it next legislative session as is sadly did not make it through 2019. The bill will make it mandatory, by law, for all incoming flights to Hawaii to do three things. 1. Play an educational PSA video on all incoming flights that educates our visitors about Hawaii’s endangered and endemic wildlife and the laws pertaining to them, plastic pollution and ocean conservation, ocean and hiking safety, respecting cultural sites, and preserving our land and natural resources.  

Interview with Adventures with Jaida: Youth Activitists

Bills I am Currently Advocating For

Ballot Measure 2

Establishing a Youth Commission. 

-In Session-



Lowering voting age to 16

-In Session- 

Bill 51

Promise to Our Keiki

Keep Hawaii Hawaii Bill

-In Session-

Bill 68

Hawaii Pass Program

-In Session-

Other Bills I have advocated For in The Past

Bill 2498

Styrofoam Ban




Bill SB 522

Plastic Bag Ban


Bill 59

Lowering the Hold Time for Animals At The 

Hawaiian Humane Society


Bill 40

Single Use Plastic Ban/Phaseout 


Bill 22

Budget for the Neuter Now Program




Plastic Straw and
Styrofoam Ban



Bill 2079

Protect Hawaii's Sharks

and Rays


-Back In Session-

Bill 2647

Hawaii Wildlife Trade Ban


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