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Hi! My name is Rylee Brooke Kamahele, I am 14 years old.

My passion is to turn youth into leaders and to create change in the world by inspiring other kids. I work towards building this platform through two of my soon-to-be non-profit organizations. By both teaming up with other non-profit organizations and providing opportunities under the programs that we run for kids, we give youth the chance to take what they love and turn what they are passionate about into action through training, education, community service, internships, mentorship, experience in running the programs in which they are involved, and eventually our leadership program where they can start their own initiatives, projects, businesses, or organizations.

Community service is one of the biggest and most important things in my life. My heart is truly in the work that I do.


Rylee Brooke grew up doing ministry with Life 360 since she was around 3 years old. Her parents were some of the original Life Coaches for the program and Life 360 became Rylee's second family. Life 360 is a program that is very near and dear to Rylee's heart. Even after her parents' departure from the organization in order for them to focus on Rylee's ambitions, Rylee stayed connected to Life 360. Her organizations often work hand-in-hand with or give back to the youth in the program. She has recently become more involved in their outreaches and is training to become a Jr. Life Coach and eventually a Life Coach so that she can mentor at-risk youth under Life 360's ministry and continue a partnership with The Catalyst's Club. Her goal is to eventually open a Life 360 network for at-risk youth in Mililani through Life 360 and to mentor some of the program's challenging youth to encourage their leadership skills. 

Rylee Brooke helped create and helps manage Kawaiaha'o Church's youth service and ministry, Life Under Construction. This unique youth service focuses on building Christian leadership skills in the youth that attend. Regardless of what church youth might be planted in, Life Under Construction welcomes all and opens up training that the youth can use at their home churches or in the work that they do. To start up the service and ministry, Rylee Brooke brought in her own team of youth leaders and provided outreach opportunities through her organization. She currently assists in managing the youth leadership team, leading outreaches, running the church soundboard and cameras, assisting the AV media team, storyboarding, producing, and directing media content, ministering the bible, and writing and sharing sermons. 

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