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Hi! My name is Rylee Brooke Kamahele, I am 14 years old.

My passion is to turn youth into leaders and to create change in the world by inspiring other kids. I work towards building this platform through two of my soon-to-be non-profit organizations. By both teaming up with other non-profit organizations and providing opportunities under the programs that we run for kids, we give youth the chance to take what they love and turn what they are passionate about into action through training, education, community service, internships, mentorship, experience in running the programs in which they are involved, and eventually our leadership program where they can start their own initiatives, projects, businesses, or organizations.

Community service is one of the biggest and most important things in my life. My heart is truly in the work that I do.

Aside from the work that Rylee does under her organization, The Catalyst’s Club, and in addition to her leadership and ministry work, Rylee Brooke volunteers regularly to service the community under other programs, organizations, and individuals. Each opportunity to work under the leadership of others is a valuable opportunity to grow and learn. To keep up with these projects, please follow Rylee’s main Instagram account, @ryleebrooke_official.


First and foremost, I am a Christian. I grew up in ministry and developed a love for helping others and practicing good stewardship for animals and the planet since a very young age. Community service is something that has always been an important part of life for me and my family. Community service is important to me, simply put, because it is the right thing to do. As a Christian, I continuously strive to have a Jesus heart, one that helps others, finds joy in giving, responds through compassion, loves beyond faults, and leaves the world a better place. As a person who has had the privilege of having many life experiences, some good and some bad, I believe that we are all one circumstance away from potentially having a completely different life.  When that was our time, I can honestly say that I don’t know what my family would have done without other people helping us.     

Every service project that I start or get involved in holds special meaning for me. For example, helping children who are less fortunate is something I am passionate about because I too have experienced hardship where my family really struggled. We have had our electric and water shut off and could barely afford anything after my dad was in a car accident where he was hit by a drunk driver. It was a very difficult and humbling time for us, but living through it gave me a different perspective and attitude towards poverty. This is why I launched programs like The Secret Santa Project Hawaii and Heart for Hawaii. I launched my program to help kids with medical conditions and partner with programs like Make-A-Wish Hawaii because a friend of mine passed away from a rare form of leukemia when I was 8 years old and it broke my heart. Every program that I have built under my organization comes from a very personal place and it’s so important for me to do something because I understand what it feels like to be on the end that needs help. 

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