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Due to COVID19 we are currently restructuring for 2020

The Secret Santa Project Hawaii mission is to bring Christmas to Hawaii’s houseless keiki. We are a fully kid-run program founded by 13-year-old Rylee Brooke Kamahele and 14-year-old Kadence Fergerstrom.

We are still in the process of becoming a 501c3 non-profit. All donations accepted at this time will be considered in-kind donations and are not qualified to receive a tax write off. The paperwork and process to becoming an official non-profit is time consuming and lengthy. We simply will not have it done by this Christmas, but rest assured, we are working on it and we are determined to bring Christmas to Hawaii’s houseless children with or without 501c3 status this year! We apologize for this inconvenience and hope that you will still support our keiki.

Our goal is to eventually reach children in all of Hawaii’s shelters and selected houseless camps, starting with Oahu and eventually branching out to neighbor islands. We would love to have other children across the nation use our program as a guideline and springboard to eventually start their own Secret Santa Project branches in their hometowns. 

Along with bringing Christmas to Hawaii’s houseless children, The Secret Santa Project also gives Hawaii’s youth the chance to get involved and be a part of a humbling project that gives to other children. Being a completely kid-run organization, Rylee Brooke and Kadence hope to inspire other kids into making a difference. Volunteering gives youth the opportunity to give back, learn gratitude, humility, appreciation and compassion. We aim to do more than just give gifts. We hope to create a Christmas type of atmosphere and provide friendship and fellowship while there.

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