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Rylee recently started directing and producing two shows through Olelo Community Media with a team of her friends that is airing on television.


One of those shows, Remember My Name, You’ll Be Seeing It, is run by Asher Morgado, Kaylee Brooke Shimizu, and Rylee Brooke and it showcases Hawaii's talented youth. In addition to their own production, Rylee hosts a television segment on KHON’s established local talk show, Living 808, to give their guests further exposure and hopefully more opportunities.


The For Kids By Kids Show is a show created by the Remember My Name team and features over 70 of Hawaii’s extraordinarily talented kids that Rylee put together. Their motto is, “It's our ideas, our voices, our show!” This show will be a platform for their team to share what's important to them and to use their creativity to express themselves in many ways.

She recently created and directed 2 videos that placed in competitions hosted by Kolohe Kai:

  • 1st Place: Vocalist Music Video Competition "Catching Lightning"

  • 3rd Place: Dance Video Competiton "Catching Lightning"

Remember My Name

You'll Be Seeing It

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Asher Morgado, Kaylee Brooke Shimizu, and Rylee Brooke Kamahele, are three very ambitious, talented, and inspiring kids from Hawaii who have dreamed up an idea for a YouTube channel. This determined group each has their own impressive accomplishments under their belts and they each work extremely hard for their successes. They know how challenging it is for kids to pursue their dreams and they know it’s especially difficult when you live on a small island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. For this reason, the main purpose of their program is to feature talented kids from Hawaii to showcase their gifts, talk about their goals, and put them in the spotlight in front of an audience that might provide these children with more opportunities in the future.

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The For Kids By Kids Show (FKBK) is a variety show program created by some of Hawaii’s most talented youth. Our team of kids includes youth ranging in age from 4 to 14 years old and each cast member has extraordinary talents and accomplishments under their belts. Many of these kids work professionally on some capacity as industry kids and have had opportunities all over the world because of their gifts. This show was created and is run by Rylee Brooke Kamahele, Rylan Kamehele, and Asher Morgado. The motto of the For Kids By Kids Show is: Our Ideas. Our Voices. Our Show. This program is a collaboration of ideas from all of the kids involved and has been organized into 22 different segments and which will be filmed, directed, and produced by the kids.

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For kids by kids show

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