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Rylee is an entrepreneur and founded two companies, Brookie B and Glamour Kitty Collective, both run under Ry’s Company, LLC.


For Brookie B, Rylee designs, handcrafts, and sells a line of jewelry, lip balms, lip scrubs, hats, and hair clips.


Glamour Kitty is her company that retails unique clothing and accessories and provides training services for girls in pageantry and runway walking. She also heads a division known as “The Kitten Club” where she manages and trains selected models for runway and choreographs and directs runway shows.

Rylee has grown up a lot since the launch of Brookie B and Glamour Kitty and she is currently rebranding both companies under Glamour Kitty Collective with new and innovative ideas to help other youth entrepreneurs moving forward. Stay tuned!

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